The 11 Mindset Secrets of the Super-Fit

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If you are still hungry after a meal, Ilana also has a plan for that called More, Sure…and she will walk you through how to eat more at a meal, social event, or holiday while also staying on the plan. But instead of having set treat swaps with parameters like on the 21 Day Fix, the 2B Mindset gives you the freedom to choose that glass of wine or that cupcake whenever and wherever, as long as you track it.

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The idea behind not giving you a set amount, though, is it empowers YOU to make the rules instead of forcing them onto you. If you allow yourself some wine and you track it, you will be able to see how it affects your goals and change the behavior accordingly. The big question, though, is whether that is easier said than done for some of us looking at myself here.

While everything is printed in the program materials which you get in hard copy AND printable, digital files , you get a series of videos with Ilana that you can watch via Beachbody On Demand. I spent most of my afternoon with these videos yesterday and, honestly, I could watch Illana all day. She is super likeable and brimming with awesome tips, tricks, and mantras for making this plan — or any healthy eating plan — work for you. She also explains the reasons behind her choices for the plan, which is key.

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Instead of being annoyed with her for not including carbs with dinner, you understand the purpose behind this and hopefully there is more buy in because of that. Another notable difference between this program and the FIX is instead of staying off the scale and trusting the process, you will be weighing yourself daily, as Ilana views the scale as accountability, which makes total sense for this plan.

Because you are tracking every single bite of food that you eat each day including the amounts, the scale is going to dictate your good days and bad days. This is why most people in the test group lost less weight in the first month than they did in months 2, 3 and 4. There is a learning curve for this…a much different one that with the FIX. Instead of trying to figure out how to piece together your containers throughout the day, you will need to learn to choose the foods and amount of these foods that will lead to your own personal weight loss.

Whether or not the 2B Mindset plan is right for you, it might be worth investing in the program for the education alone. As I stated before, Ilana is a wealth of knowledge. I consider myself pretty savvy in the ways of healthy eating and nutrition label reading, but I found myself taking note after note while watching Ilana on the videos.

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And there is something nice about having all the videos there for you to refer to or refer back to — no searching required. So if you are contemplating this program, here are some questions to ask yourself. Are you willing to track every single bite of food that you eat and the amounts? Down the line there will be an app for this, but right now you will need to track pencil and paper. I would personally suck at this! Are you comfortable eyeballing the amounts of food in a trackable way?

The FIX does the thinking for you — there is no guesswork. The 2B Mindset allows for more flexibility, but for those of you who need the structure, this might not be comfortable. And if you tend to overeat, not having the portions measured exactly for you, might lead to weight gain at first. But the good news is you should be able to use your tracker to help you make adjustments and have success. Will you take advantage of the flexibility or use it to empower yourself? The 2B Mindset program is meant to change your thinking, and therefore change your behavior to put YOU in charge of your weight loss through the choices you make. This might not come as easy as it sounds and will still require you to have willpower and commit to your goals, just like any other plan. Are you ready for a change? Sometimes you just need to switch things up…so maybe this plan will allow you to do that. And like I mentioned before, Ilana will teach you things that you can incorporate into any healthy lifestyle.

2B Mindset Versus the 21 Day Fix | Is the 2B Mindset Right for You? - Confessions of a Fit Foodie

At the moment, you can only get 2B Mindset through Beachbody. If you are interested in ordering, you can use my referral links below. The 2B Mindset Base Kit comes with —. The 2B Mindset Challenge Pack comes with all of the above, plus a 30 day Supply of Shakeology, which llana recommends as one of your daily protein choices.

I hope this helps you make an informed decision about whether the 2B Mindset is right for you. Looking for more 2B Mindset Recipes? Check out my Ultimate Recipe Guide! I have been on the 21 day fix for quite some time and also bought the new 2B.

10 Ways You Can Stay Super Fit Without Hitting the Gym

Do you think that these same recipes apply well to the 2B program? Thanks for this recap. So far this has been the easiest recap to understand what the program is asking you to do. Thank you so much for this review! This has been very helpful! This is amazing — thank you! It actually makes me interested to learn more, even though I love the container system. I have been looking for this exact info. Thanks so much for the great review! Is this program food allergy friendly? It seems like these types of plans are heavy in these items.

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The wider and more stable the base training, the greater the platform for excellence in a given discipline. They are hyperactive internally. It makes the condition mystifying and frustrating. Thank you! Minimalist Fun: The Things Challenge. Thanks for stopping by.

Love your site! Thank you!

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Thank you — glad this went out to thousands of people first! I appreciate you, Ree!!! I love it! And feels like something you can continue forever. Thank you for this great post! I agree — I totally feel like a lot of what she says makes perfect sense! Glad you are having success! I just bought this yesterday and am glad to read your review— I had much of the same thoughts as you while I watched the videos— I am definitely gonna give it a shot, I am on day 1 today!!

Great article!! I was wondering if there are food restrictions? So like can I eat real bacon or do I have to eat turkey bacon only? No processed food? My husband is a picky eater and things can taste similar or even the same cauliflower mashed potatoes v.

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The good news is pork bacon is listed as an accessory, so you can eat a small amount with your meal! Thank you for this overview! I have a lot of health problems.. I have chronic pain. Autoimmune Diseases, been thru several surgeries. My days go from good being a pain level 1 to Between medications and not being able to be very active the weight came on.

What Is 2B Mindset?

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I really need to find something to work. Neither of these feelings will make your life better.

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When researchers Elizabeth Dunn and Kostadin Kushlev regulated how frequently research participants checked their email, for example, those limited to checking their email only three times a day vs. Social media does have the power to make us miserable and stressed out—or to help us feel love and connection, joy and gratitude, inspiration and curiosity. The key is to understand how these technologies influence our emotional lives, and learn to use them strategically.